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Ray Shabir - Public Feelings And Other Acts

Public Feelings And Other Acts Ray Shabir
Buku Ray Shabir - Public Feelings And Other Acts

Public Feelings And Other Acts matures into a kaleidoscopic memoir. It opens up to the reader through a series of essays, poems, prose, and other forms of writing. Completed with striking visuals that aid his storytelling, the author takes on his own personal accounts of growing up, from creativity to partying to loneliness to heartache. The book is a documentation of the author’s personal period of time, in order to reflect and acknowledge his own coming-of-age before moving forward. Written in a voice that is unapologetically personal yet critically distant at the same time, he makes his odyssey toward adulthood — unquestionably his own.

“Ray Shabir stands anxiously naked in the center stage to declare his deepest feelings publicly. Filled with agony, contradictions and self-doubt, he tries to heal through the many faces of New York he has encountered.”
–Lucky Kuswandi, Film Director

"Reading Public Feelings is learning about Ray, but more extraordinarily, about yourself. His gift of storytelling invites readers to embrace the authenticity of their own feelings and connect with the universal truth of growing up. Even after its initial release, the book gets better the longer it lingers in your mind. With each reimagining, Public Feelings unveils new layers of understanding, making it a literary gem that ages like fine wine. "
–Fathia Izzati, Musician

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Judul: Public Feelings And Other Acts
Penulis: Ray Shabir
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Tahun Terbit: 2023
Halaman: 248 hlm.
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